Unique place of the FMG

Fábrica de Municiones de Granada – FMG, is located in the south of Spain, in the region of Andalusia.

For strategic reasons, in the 16th century, the factory was moved from the centre of Granada to a remote part of the city called El Fargue. Power was drawn from the nearby Aynadamare irrigation canal, which, like the factory itself, can still be found there today.

Museum in FMG

Entering the FMG premises is like stepping into another era. There is no munitions factory in the world with architecture similar to this one. It covers an area of almost one million square meters and you can feel the history all around you. There is also a chapel between the manufacturing buildings, where many of the employees have been baptised and married.

An essential part of the factory is its museum. On the walls, there are portraits of all former military general directors, you can see the historic visitors’ book, signed by the famous Evita Peron, there you can see the slippers that King Alfonso XIII used to wear when he came to get his hunting powder and many historical documents.

Unique position

On a weekday, employees can enjoy views of snow-covered hills and the city like the palm of their hand. The warm Mediterranean climate drives summer temperatures to an average of 34 °C. Granada even became the city where the highest temperature record fell in 2017, with a figure of more than 45 °C.

The factory is less than an hour’s drive from the highest mountain in Spain. The Sierra Nevada, at 3,480 metres, is the second highest mountain in Western Europe after the Alps and offers one hundred kilometres of ski slopes. At the same time, the FMG factory sits an hour’s drive from the sea and sandy beaches. This means you can go skiing and swimming in the sea on the same day.

Is there a factory like this anywhere else in the world?

FMG – unique in the defence industry

The City

Since its formation in 1324, FMG has been situated in Granada. The city has more than 230,000 inhabitants, together with the suburban areas almost half a million. Granada is dominated by the Nazari Palaces of the Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thanks to the internationally renowned University of Granada, it is also called the city of students. Tens of thousands of national and international students study every year in the faculties, which offer studies in all kinds of specializations.